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Massey's Social Gaming Community

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About Us

We are Massey University's Social Gaming Community. We love games and love a chance to get together, hang out, and just have fun.


All are welcome

From Young to Old, Console to PC, or anything in between.

If you want to play games or just hang out.

Theres a place for you at TCOSY.

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We host LAN Parties six times a year, scheduled around university semester timetables to provide the most convinient times for everyone.

TCOSY is a social community. Outside of our usual LAN Parties, get-togethers to watch the latest movies are not uncommon.



So you want to come to TCOSY and haven't been before? That's awesome! We'd love to see you there. But many don't know what to expect or what to bring. Here is the reference guide to the TCOSY experience.

What to bring:

  • A good attitude. Nobody wants to be "that guy". We're all there to have fun and we want to keep it that way.
  • Something to play games on. Whether that is a Console, a Laptop, or even a phone, anything will work.
  • Cables for your device. While it may seem obvious, we all get caught up in the pre-LAN enthusiasm. TCOSY provides a LAN cable and WiFi access to everyone to connect into our network.
  • Headphones for sound. Speakers are not allowed at TCOSY events without pre-approval by an admin.
  • Money. $10 for entry or $5 if you have a current student ID. First timers come free! Bring an extra $10 - $15 if you want in on the pizza run for dinner.
  • Snacks, nibbly bits, and drinks. Proper feeding and proper hydration will help you not only game better but helps with the attitude as mentioned above.
  • A rug/sleeping bag in winter. While computers do put out a good chunk of heat, in the winter the venue does get a tad frosty.
  • Update your games before you arrive! Our network is optimised for low latency rather than fast download speeds.

We hope this helps you prepare for TCOSY and enjoy your time at one of our events!

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